Time for a service

Can you imagine having to run out of money before you discover your business has a cash flow problem? Or waiting for your car to blow up before you discover it needs an oil change?

That would be irresponsible and probably cost you a fair bit to rectify. You know you need to book your car in for a regular service and I know my dentist books me in for yearly checkups well in advance. So why do you wait until you have pain and swelling before taking action with your body, only to then discover that you’ve worn a hole in your knee?

The problem with taking action once swelling or pain has occurred is that these symptoms are all lagging indicators of damage. For example, swelling might indicate tissue overuse or strain from poor posture, but swelling is an after-the-fact sign, the tissue damage has already occurred. In general terms, this is how modern sports (and general) medicine operates. Wait until something is broken, sometimes horribly so before fixing it. This paradigm keeps orthopaedic surgeons and pharmaceutical companies in business. So what should you do?

Take action – Your body is an amazing, adaptable, healing machine, (if you give it some love). Adjust your behaviour, take action – have a recovery day (or even better a week), add some stretching, use a heat pack, book an appointment. Take responsibility of your own body, don’t wait for something to happen. Don’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.


Obviously I’m happy to have you in here, especially if you’re already showing signs of injury, but what if you’re not sure and want to take some steps to ensure that you avoid this happening at all? I’d still be happy to have you in for a tune up, and in fact I strongly encourage it.