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Why Myotherapy?

So why Myotherapy? Although Myotherapy originally evolved out of the massage industry it has developed into it’s own industry with a far greater scope of practice. Sore Muscles? Aches and pains giving… read more

Why I don’t use Cupping

Before you all start ringing me up asking for cupping after seeing Michael Phelps win his 19th OLYMPIC GOLD medal whilst looking like he’d become entangled with an octopus, there’s a couple… read more

Functional Strength Classes

WE NOW DO FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH GROUP CLASSES These classes are a great opportunity to take your rehab or general strength and fitness to the next level without having to sign up to… read more

Sponsored athletes 1 and 2

The Musculoskeletal Co. are proud to introduce our first two sponsored athletes! I’m excited today to introduce you to the first two (of four) of The Musculoskeletal Co’s sponsored athletes for 2016. We’ve selected… read more

Treat yourself

  Something often asked in the clinic, is what can you do at home in between treatments to keep your body supple and hopefully avoid having to come in in the first… read more

Nutritional Medicine Position

An opportunity exists for a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner to work alongside The Musculoskeletal Co. located in Richmond. The Musculoskeletal Co. provides myotherapy, movement assessment and rehab services to clients from all walks… read more

Myotherapy sponsorship opportunity

UPDATE: Applications close FRIDAY 04/03/2016 Want to be sponsored by The Musculoskeletal Co.? An opportunity exists for 4 people/athletes to have myotherapy sponsorships from The Musculoskeletal Co.  and I’m using the term ‘athlete’… read more

Myotherapy referral program

The Musculoskeletal Co. now has a permanent ongoing referral program. There is no greater compliment than trusting me to help out a friend of yours with their pain. I take great pride… read more

4 essentials for health

There are quite possibly hundreds or even thousands of individual aspects that you could focus on to improve your health, help you lose weight or recover from injury and sometimes it can… read more

Desire lines

Ever heard the term ‘Desire lines’? Nope….? Neither had I until recently! I have adapted the following from an email I subscribe to from these guys – (excuse the language) www.thef**kitlife.com Think… read more