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Does posture matter?

Do any of these sound familiar?  “Pull your shoulders back” “Stand up straight” “Don’t slouch” Chances are you’ve heard these phrases more than a few times over the years from a well meaning parent,… read more

Why I don’t use Cupping

Before you all start ringing me up asking for cupping after seeing Michael Phelps win his 19th OLYMPIC GOLD medal whilst looking like he’d become entangled with an octopus, there’s a couple… read more

Functional Strength Classes

WE NOW DO FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH GROUP CLASSES These classes are a great opportunity to take your rehab or general strength and fitness to the next level without having to sign up to… read more

Sponsored athletes 3 and 4

Following on from the introduction I gave you just over a week ago to Fiona and Coreena (you can find that here), today I’m excited to officially introduce you to the next… read more

Sponsored athletes 1 and 2

The Musculoskeletal Co. are proud to introduce our first two sponsored athletes! I’m excited today to introduce you to the first two (of four) of The Musculoskeletal Co’s sponsored athletes for 2016. We’ve selected… read more

Masters Swimming Special

The 2016 Masters Swimming Australia National Championships are taking place in Melbourne from Thursday 21st April until Sunday 24th April. For those of you competing, The Musculoskeletal Co. has a SPECIAL OFFER! Book a pre-event… read more

Is 10,000 steps enough?

Today, I have a challenge for you. I’ll be doing it too. Recently, on my personal and business facebook pages, I posed a question in relation to wearable fitness trackers (eg: fitbit). Why… read more

Myotherapy Opening (one day event)

Position Available (one day event only). EDIT: This role has been filled, thank you to all the wonderful myotherapists who expressed an interest in working with us at this great Melbourne event. If… read more

The Rehab Room

Sometimes as part of your recovery I’ll ask you to perform a few exercises at home in between our sessions … and research shows sometimes you’ll do them. In fact, research shows… read more