Tag: Behaviour

Does posture matter?

Do any of these sound familiar?  “Pull your shoulders back” “Stand up straight” “Don’t slouch” Chances are you’ve heard these phrases more than a few times over the years from a well meaning parent,… read more

Treat yourself

  Something often asked in the clinic, is what can you do at home in between treatments to keep your body supple and hopefully avoid having to come in in the first… read more

4 essentials for health

There are quite possibly hundreds or even thousands of individual aspects that you could focus on to improve your health, help you lose weight or recover from injury and sometimes it can… read more

Desire lines

Ever heard the term ‘Desire lines’? Nope….? Neither had I until recently! I have adapted the following from an email I subscribe to from these guys – (excuse the language) www.thef**kitlife.com Think… read more