Sponsored athletes 3 and 4

Following on from the introduction I gave you just over a week ago to Fiona and Coreena (you can find that here), today I’m excited to officially introduce you to the next two sponsored athletes; Kat and Nicky.

I’ve asked all 4 to list a personal goal of something they are working towards this year and also for a goal of what they hope to get out of the sessions at The Musculoskeletal co.

Katherine (Kat) Lee

IMG_8342 (1)

Kat’s goal:
  • 2016 Cairns Ironman (June 12th!)
The Musculoskeletal Co. goal:
My goal at Musculoskeletal is to prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement. By integrating mobilisation exercises into my training program, prescribed by Matt, it is my goal to become stronger and more flexible, which will help me get to the start line in the best condition possible.

Nicky McDougall  

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Personal Goal:
  • To meet my potential in the Crossfit Open.
  • I consider a top 200 finish next year as an appropriate goal.
The Musculoskeletal Co. goal:
To improve my thoracic and shoulder flexibility which will assist in improving both my gymnastics movements and Olympic lifting.

We look forward to helping Kat and Nicky along with Fiona and Coreena achieve their goals and you’ll find out more about these 4 fantastic ladies as the year goes on!