Sponsored athletes 1 and 2

The Musculoskeletal Co. are proud to introduce our first two sponsored athletes!

I’m excited today to introduce you to the first two (of four) of The Musculoskeletal Co’s sponsored athletes for 2016. We’ve selected 4 fantastic women to work with and are excited about helping them along their journey’s.

I’ve asked all 4 to list a personal goal of something they are working towards this year and also for a goal of what they hope to get out of the sessions at The Musculoskeletal co.

Here are the first 2:

Fiona Whitehead

The Musculoskeletal Co. sponsored athlete, Fiona Whitehead

Fiona is the only existing client selected to be sponsored and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fiona over the last couple of years.

Fiona’s personal goals are:
  • 60km walk in 2017
  • Stadium Stomp in June 2016
  • Summit Survivor Obstacle Race in November
The Musculoskeletal Co. goal:
Be able to complete 60km walk hip-pain free, and to wear heels pain free 🙂

Coreena Cleland 

The Musculoskeletal Co. sponsored athlete, Coreena Cleland

Personal Goal:
  • The main goals would be the World University Games 2017 and the Commonwealth Games at the Gold Coast in 2018.
  • Spend winter getting strong enough to compete next summer over the steeplechase.
  • Long term – I would like to run sub 4.14min for the 1500m overseas this year (a 5 second improvement). 
The Musculoskeletal Co. goal:
Maintenance to ensure niggles don’t turn into injury, but mainly postural, core and hip strength to get me strong enough to jump over the hurdles and water jumps. I need to have flexibility to jump more easily and flexibility has always been a challenge of mine!

We look forward to helping Fiona and Coreena achieve their goals and I’m excited to introduce you to the other 2 wonderful ladies next week.
Have a great weekend!