November Blog

Hope you’ve been well and are enjoying the snippets of warmth we’re getting as we edge closer to summer!

I have a little bit of job news for you. I’m happy to announce that as of next week I’ll be working with The Richmond Football Club as one of their Myotherapist’s. My role there will involve working with the playing group to help support their recovery, injury prevention and training and match day preparation.

Whilst my football barracking allegiances lie elsewhere (shhh…), I’m really excited to work with one of the premier sporting organisations in Australia.

The work with Richmond will have a minimal effect on my time in the clinic, but there’ll be a coupe of small changes to times I’m available. You’re best place to check availability and to make bookings is still through the website.

Have you used up your Myotherapy health fund benefits for 2018? 

Just a friendly reminder that for most health funds, your benefits restart on January 1st each year. For some of you that’s great news – you get a whole new allocation to use. But for others – your unused allocation just vanishes into thin air like it never existed! 

You pay your health fund premiums each year and at the very least you should use what you pay for. To check if you have benefits left give your health fund a call.


We plan to be open right up until Christmas and potentially for a day or two in between Christmas and New Years before taking the first week of January off.

I’ll keep you updated as the year progresses