Myotherapy vs Osteopathy vs Physiotherapy vs Chiropractic

Those of you who’ve been coming to see me for a while should know about what Myotherapy is and more specifically how I go about treating people, but a question I’m often asked is what’s the go with all the different modalities and how do I know who to see?

So…. Myotherapy vs Osteopathy vs Physiotherapy vs Chiropractic

Different modalities, similar approaches?

Different modalities, similar approaches?

It’s actually not a simple question to answer, and one that doesn’t necessarily need to be answered either.  As the ‘Allied Health’ industry grows and evolves so does the research into what does and doesn’t work and we find more and more overlap between the various fields. .

For example: the last course I attended (related to ergonomic assessment) was attended by a wide variety of Allied Health professionals who will all take the information presented back to their respective clinics and apply it where relevant. It would therefore be completely feasible to attend a session with a physio or osteo who attended that course and then also a myo and receive the same assessment and advice. This same scenario is repeated all over the country across all the Allied Health professions.

Whilst I don’t ever see the day that a there’ll be a complete merger between the various fields, it is completely possible that the lines will blur so much it would be almost impossible to tell them apart.

And now some practical advice – 
I encourage you to focus on finding the practitioner that’s going to work best for you and has your best interest at heart, rather than focusing on the title that that practitioner holds. As in all industry’s there are good and maybe not so good operators. As for finding a good practitioner, that’s another story but you could start right here at Muscle and Move Myotherapy 😉 haha.