Myotherapy sponsorship opportunity


Applications close FRIDAY 04/03/2016

Want to be sponsored by The Musculoskeletal Co.?

An opportunity exists for 4 people/athletes to have myotherapy sponsorships from The Musculoskeletal Co.  and I’m using the term ‘athlete’ loosely.

Ability, age, performance and level of competition is irrelevant. What is important is you and why you do what you do!


What does sponsorship involve?

1 1hr Myotherapy session per month for 12 months, advice re: recovery, injury prevention, training, nutrition etc where relevant/appropriate.

What do you have to do?

Send me an email at detailing the following.

Include a personal bio – a resume, about YOU. What makes you tick, what are your passions, why do you do what you do? Give me an insight into you as a person.

What are your goals?

Are you training for a particular event? Give details

What would sponsorship from The Musculoskeletal Co. mean to you?

How would it help you achieve your goals?

How can you represent The Musculoskeletal Co.?


More details

Sponsorship duration will be dependent on the athlete’s sport and goals. There is also the ability to earn credits for extra treatments via promotion, social media posts and referrals.

Final sponsorship is decided byThe Musculoskeletal Co. after an in person interview. Once notified of sponsorship, it is your responsibility to book appointments. The Musculoskeletal Co. will endeavour to accommodate treatment requests, however it may not be possible to get your preferred date or time, especially with short notice.

Applications and any further question can be directed to Matt –