The Rehab Room

Sometimes as part of your recovery I’ll ask you to perform a few exercises at home in between our sessions … and research shows sometimes you’ll do them.

Matt Jeffers, Myotherapist, supervising myotherapy rehab exercises in the gymnasium at the Richmond office of the Musculoskeletal Co.

Myotherapy rehab exercises at the Musculoskeletal Co. Richmond

In fact, research shows that the number of clients who stick with a prescribed program sits somewhere between 30% and 50%. One study even counted a patient as compliant if they achieved 50% of the prescribed program, talk about low expectations.

The most common (or perceived) barriers to performing programs were: lack of motivation, unsure if doing them correctly, too difficult, too easy, not enough time, didn’t see benefit, lack of enjoyment, too expensive (if gym membership etc required) and the list goes on.

Research also shows that clients who stick with a program see better long term outcomes with their recovery. This isn’t a kick up the bum to all of you who’ve just stood up to dust off the program you’ve forgotten about; it’s an invitation to come and do your ‘home’ exercise program at The Musculoskeletal Co. under supervision and get the most out of it.

If all you want to do is come in and check that what you’re doing is correct, or do a session with a few others before continuing on your own, then great!

If any of the above mentioned reasons resonate with you and you feel you could do with a boost to your treatment and rehab and to get back up and running (in some cases literally) sooner, drop in for a session.

Details of Myotherapy Rehab Sessions:

Wednesdays – 7.15pm-8.30pm
Saturdays – 8.00am-9.30am
(you can drop in at anytime during the above, and only need to stay as long as it takes for you to do what’s required)

Session Cost:
First session free, then …
$20 for an individual session or book 4 for $75.
(Considering a casual gym session, without supervision, will set you back approx $25 that’s great value).

How to Book:
Email to reserve your spot. Once email confirmation has been received a 24hr cancellation policy applies.

If you need a program written from scratch we can do that too. It will require a once off 1hr booking to do the initial programming.

Have a great week and see you in the gym soon!

Feel free to send me some ideas about this too.

As a new concept, it can only be improved with your feedback.