Functional Strength Classes


These classes are a great opportunity to take your rehab or general strength and fitness to the next level without having to sign up to a gym and you get to share the experience with others.

Within each session we’ll work on Strength, Stability, Movement Patterns, Mobility and all the other things that a person should be able to do!

Rehab at The Musculoskeletal Co.

You’ll use barbells, kettle bells, medicine balls, weights, gymnastics rings, footballs and a wide variety of other bits and pieces. There will definitely be natural human movement too; rolling, crawling, walking, running, jumping, hanging, climbing and the list goes on.

To read more about my take on Functional Movement and how it’s relevant to you Click Here.

Class schedule as follows: (subject to change)

  • Wednesday 2pm
  • Wednesday 7pm
  • Saturday 8am

Classes are $20 per session and are limited to 6 participants at a time.
Bookings are ESSENTIAL and can be done ONLINE or directly through me.