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Posts and information about the importance of exercise, including self-help tips, from our Myotherapists and Musculoskeletal Specialists at the Musculoskeletal Co.

Is 10,000 steps enough?

Today, I have a challenge for you. I’ll be doing it too. Recently, on my personal and business facebook pages, I posed a question in relation to wearable fitness trackers (eg: fitbit). Why… read more

Myotherapy Opening (one day event)

Position Available (one day event only). EDIT: This role has been filled, thank you to all the wonderful myotherapists who expressed an interest in working with us at this great Melbourne event. If… read more

The Rehab Room

Sometimes as part of your recovery I’ll ask you to perform a few exercises at home in between our sessions … and research shows sometimes you’ll do them. In fact, research shows… read more

Check your foundations

All too often I have clients come in for a treatment who first noticed symptoms quite some time ago and didn’t take action at the time. Here’s a little story to help… read more

4 essentials for health

There are quite possibly hundreds or even thousands of individual aspects that you could focus on to improve your health, help you lose weight or recover from injury and sometimes it can… read more

Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably? Great, we’ll let’s get started. Most of you will be reading this either relaxing on the sofa, tucked into your work station or on your daily public transport… read more