Online consultations available

When you think Myotherapy, online consultations might not be the first thing that spring to mind. But it’s something I’ve been trialling over the last 12 months, and given the current climate… read more

Red Energy ongoing offer

Hey there! Thanks for taking up the Muscle + Move Myotherapy, Red Energy partner offer!  As a Red Energy team member you have access to 15% off consultations at Muscle + Move… read more

November Blog

Hope you’ve been well and are enjoying the snippets of warmth we’re getting as we edge closer to summer! I have a little bit of job news for you. I’m happy to announce… read more

How to Maximise Your Recovery

Where should you invest your time and money when it comes to recovery?  Should you be down at the beach in the middle of winter, jumping in ice baths, getting multiple myotherapy… read more

National Pain Week

This week is National Pain Week and here at Muscle and Move Myotherapy we help people in pain everyday and we think it’s an important issue to discuss a little more in depth. I’ve included… read more

April 2018 Newsletter

On the odd occasion, I send emails out with useful information. You can sign up to these at the bottom of this post. It’s almost the end of April (hopefully you’re aware… read more

Why Myotherapy?

So why Myotherapy? Although Myotherapy originally evolved out of the massage industry it has developed into it’s own industry with a far greater scope of practice. Sore Muscles? Aches and pains giving… read more