Myotherapist Matt Jeffers


Matt Jeffers has been practicing Myotherapy for close to 15 years, both in Australia and overseas. Matt formerly owned and operated Muscle and Move Myotherapy, and can now be found at Flex Physiotherapy in Melbourne’s CBD. Matt is also a Myotherapist at the Hawthorn Football Club and was previously at the Richmond football Club. 


  • Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy)
  • MovNat Level 1 certified trainer
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment
  • Functional Movement Group – Functional Assessment Course
  • Functional Therapeutic Movement
  • Rocktape Kinesiology Taping

About Matt

Matt spent 10 years swimming at the pointy end of Australian swimming, which led to a passion for working on the human body especially when it’s not working as we believe it should. Matt retired from swimming due to persistent injuries and is determined not to let pain, dysfunction or injury interfere with the lives of others.

Personally Matt understands the frustration of dealing with persistent pain (ask him about his foot), especially when you have seen multiple practitioners including so called specialists and still don’t have a resolution.

Hear from Matt

“I’ve had the pleasure of helping athletes of all levels return to training and competition, gardeners and builders continue to work without fear of injury, and mums and dads of all shapes and sizes enjoy happy and healthy lives with their families.”

I believe that a compartmentalised and isolated approach to health and fitness just doesn’t work, the human body does not work as one body part, it works as an interrelated and synergistic group of body parts to accomplish a specific task. You don’t see 1 leg hopping around on it’s own, you see an entire body. Everything has to work harmoniously.”

After finishing up my swimming career – I’ve set many sporting, fitness goals and life goals(some of which I’ve reached). I look forward to finding out about and helping you with yours”.

Goals and achievements

  • Walked the Kokoda track -tick
  • Run a sub 4hr marathon – tick
  • Run a 15min 4k – tick
  • Win a premiership – tick (even if it was D-grade touch rugby)
  • Marry the beautiful (now wife) Chloe – BIG TICK! 

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And if you’re into your footy – Matt is also a Myotherapist at the Hawthorn Football Club and was at Richmond during their recent premiership success.