About us

Muscle and Move Myotherapy is passionate about helping everyday people achieve their goals. We do this by providing lasting solutions to pain. We specialise in chronic pain, getting you moving and restoring function. 

We approach the body as a whole, enabling you to move and live at your optimal level. We don’t just put a bandaid on the issue, we work with you to provide a lasting solution! We want you to feel great, move well and be happy!

Myotherapist Matt Jeffers


To read more about how we go about helping you have a read through the following pages

  •  MYOTHERAPY – To find out what your treatment would involve and some more information about Myotherapy in general.
  • FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT TRAINING – as part of your treatment we get you moving. In a way thats relevant, practical and useful for you. Hence: Functional.
  • MOVEMENT ASSESSMENT – part of the process is working out the what and why of your pain or injury. We have a few different ways of going about it.

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