5 Factors for a Healthy Life

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5 Factors for a Healthy Life

During the before and after of Hamish’s arrival, Chloe and I spent 6 nights in hospital. Safe to say my regular routines and habits didn’t stand a chance.

Whilst each individual is going to have differing needs when it comes to being a happy and healthy human being, I truly believe that if you can have these 5 things front and centre as much as possible you’ll be well on your way to a healthy life!

These are the 5 factors that I truly value above all others, that took a beating in the hospital. Not to be confused with 4 Pillars, which is my favourite Gin ūüôā

5 Factors for Healthy Living

5 Factors for Healthy Living

  1. Natural Light & Fresh Air
  2. Quality Sleep
  3. Movement Variety
  4. Quality Nutrition 
  5. Social (family) Interaction

After 6 days of little to none of the above, I sure knew about it. I felt like an overwhelming fog had seeped into my brain. What was most amazing however, was that after just one day back at home (although still tired) 90% of it had cleared up. A combination of sleeping in my own bed, getting exposure to fresh air and natural sunlight, a few gentle walks with the pram and some home cooked meals all combined to do the trick.

Here’s my challenge to you – Pick one of the below (more if you’re the excitable type) and make an effort to increase your dose this week.

  1. Spend more time outside – take a walk before work or at lunch, plan a picnic over the weekend as the weather improves and soak up the spring air in Melbourne.
  2. Sleep better Рeither by getting more of it or by improving the quality. Remove distractions from your bedroom and please put the devices away well before your head hits the pillow!
  3. Move – I’ve been banging on for years about the benefits of getting out and about and moving more. This week do an extra gym session, throw in a swim, walk, rock climb, cycle…¬†anything!¬†Ideally do something different to your normal routine too – expose your body (and brain) to something novel.
  4. Feed yourself wellfor just this week, tune in to what you’re fuelling yourself with. Eat something green, book the appointment with a nutritionist that you’ve been putting off, or¬†skip the afternoon chocolate biscuit and have an apple.
  5. Spend some quality time with your friends and familyus humans are a social bunch and¬†you’ll be amazed what a good quality catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while can do for your wellbeing.

Bonus points if you combine them all together Рsleep in, meet your friends at the park for a walk and kick of the footy and top it off with a delicious and healthy picnic! 

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