Corporate Myotherapy

If you’re going to spend 8hrs a day (and sometimes more) at your desk, you’re probably going to need some solid strategies in place to ensure you stay healthy and free from musculoskeletal pain. If you employ or manage people in an office environment it’s also a good idea to invest in their health.

For health and even for financial reasons (think productivity), investing in employee health makes sound business sense. Workplace wellness initiatives can deliver value in multiple ways: they can decrease sick leave costs, improve productivity, have a positive influence on staff retention and also improve health for all, supporting behavioural change in individuals, families and communities.

A study conducted with almost 30,000 employees in 15 countries showed that 64% of employees who perceive the organisation for which they work as an active promoter of health and wellness intend to stay at least five years with their companies (World Economic Forum, 2010c). 

Having Muscle and Move Myotherapy in your workplace will work towards creating a positive culture within the office while also making sure that your people are at their best.


Services offered:

  • Ergonomic assessments – individual and group
  • Pain and injury management for employees with existing conditions
  • General maintenance for ongoing wellbeing
  • Chronic pain management
  • Posture education – individual assessments or group info sessions
  • Movement assessments and planning
  • Meditation and mindfulness training


For a downloadable PDF with the above info click here – Muscle and Move Myotherapy – Employee health and engagement services


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